How Technology will Drive Post-Pandemic Business Resilience


When the COVID 19 pandemic came around, it caught people off guard. But we all agree that businesses suffered most. However, getting up is the norm of every human and every fallen sector. And businesses had to do exactly so.

This is where technology came in. Every aspect of the business that was possible to operate online went that way. Even departments that seemed impossible to apply technology to will now surprise you.

How will the Pandemic Bring in Business Resilience Then?

The technological advancements that businesses have adopted will obviously last. Actually, some businesses will never go back to their former selves again. Reason? They already adapted and probably loved the new normal more.

Let’s have a look at some of the departments of a business that might completely change;


The human resource department can pay the staff online. This is possible, and most running businesses already realized and invested in this. Realizing that it is even more efficient and accurate, this will be an obvious come-back, even post pandemic.


The larger part of bookkeeping can be automated, so that it only takes a few people to update everything.

Realizing that the cost is lower while the performance remains, companies will adopt this measure. Consequently, they will emerge with better results and hence higher incomes than before.

Data Storage

For those companies that had their data entered and done in the office, then that changed with the pandemic. They realized that it was possible to have it done from home, stored in company sites and still efficient.

Post pandemic, this might continue. Better still, the companies will realize that will save on office space, personnel and even equipment. They will also have realized that they can trust people to do it online.


Some business may have adopted technology partially, but some are fully operating on technology. It is not a wonder that some offices will never reopen, simply because online business seems more efficient. And what’s more, people already embraced it. These include marketing companies, BPO agencies and booking offices.

Bottom Line

For businesses that have learned their lesson, it is impossible that they will be caught off guard ever again. And even if they are, at least the preparations will be by far better.

With more and more businesses embracing technology, then it will surely be a great part of the post pandemic era.

In any case, while working with technology, you reach more clients, and business easily goes global.