Here’s How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block While Dissertation Writing? 7+ Ways


Brain freeze or being stuck somewhere in the writing process of a dissertation is the situation of writer’s block. Do not worry, because you are not alone in this situation. Many times, an author find themselves stuck while working and cannot move ahead. It happens with pupils when they have to complete a lengthy task; therefore, they seek dissertation help from experts to make their work easier. So, let us have a look at the factors that cause this situation:

Why Does this Happen?

For different people, writer’s block happens for different reasons; some of the common factors for which it happens are as follows:


One of the major reasons for writer’s block is stress. Although stress can help you get motivated, too much of it is harmful. It can consume a lot of your time without you realizing it. It can block your mind and body as well. Taking on too much stress can cause huge problems. Due to this, you will not be in a state to concentrate on your work.

Too Much Data

It can look weird, but having too much data or knowledge is also dangerous. It is the generation where there is a continuous flow of information through your mobile phone, television, or anything else. This excess data can confuse you, and you will face writer’s block at some point.

Lack of Viewpoints

Although there is an ocean of information available, sometimes a writer gets stuck reading the same genre or field over and over again. It makes them think in a particular way, leaving other perspectives behind. Many times, writers think that sticking to a specific source for information is the best way, but they forget that having various points of view is better.


Sometimes authors fear that the topic or area they have selected is already been covered by others, many times. It is a fact that there is an overflow of information, and you can have a different perspective that has not been covered yet. You can have something new to discover despite multiple research done on the topic.

How to Overcome It?

Combating the situation of writer’s block is a challenging task, but here are some of the hacks that might be useful in such a case:

Write in Your Own Style

It is the best way to overcome the hurdle of writer’s block. If you write in your style, you will be able to be creative. It will also make sure that your content is not getting under plagiarism. As there is a huge amount of information available, you must be unique to stand out from the crowd. When you try to work on someone else’s idea, it makes you think in a particular way, which sometimes becomes stressful, making you irritated. So, to overcome this problem, you should use your creative thinking skills.

Escape from Negative Feelings

Negative feelings are never helpful to anyone or anything. One cannot be successful with a negative mindset; therefore, overcoming the issue of writer’s block cannot be resolved with a negative attitude. So, if you want to be productive and complete your dissertation on time, you should build a positive mindset beforehand. If you have trouble doing this, you can create a rough draft so that all your negativity gets dispersed, and you can begin with fresh thoughts.

Start with Easy Sections

Starting with the easy things is the best way to activate your mind again. To do this, begin with the writing part of the section that you feel is the easiest one in the entire document. This way, you can put your brain to work again and concentrate better. This process can be implied in your exams as well. To resolve this, you must prepare an outline beforehand so that, if this situation arises, you can refer to it. Even preparing a structure is not easy, so students ask how to write dissertation proposal. But once they know, it becomes easy to achieve.

Get Rid Of Distractions

A distracted brain is the worst thing that can happen, along with the writer’s being stuck. If you are distracted, nothing can help you concentrate and focus on your work. So, to focus, you should know the reasons behind the distraction and remove them. If you do this, you can see a change in your level of concentration. It will help you overcome writer’s block and increase productivity.

Take a Break

Your brain is not a machine that can run for hours and hours at the same pace or speed. You have to give it a break to be more productive. To do this, you can use the Pomodoro technique of working. In this method, you have to work for twenty-five minutes, take a break for five minutes, and repeat till the work has been completed. It will help you regain the focus, energy, and efficiency you lost in the process. In addition, it will make your brain work at double capacity, and you can also bring creativity to your work.

Set Your Goals

Working without a plan is the worst thing that you can ever do. It will lead you to writer’s block and a loss of concentration. If you want things to go smoothly, you have to have a plan beforehand, even before the research part. To do this, plan your time, work, and methods to complete your work within the given deadline. By doing this, you will be clear, remain motivated, and not be stuck anywhere.


As already discussed earlier, planning is the crucial part of beginning any document, and when it comes to the dissertation, it becomes even more important. If you do not plan the work, you cannot make a successful document within the deadline. It is a lengthy process and has to consider a lot of things that can be missed without a structure or a plan.


Rewarding yourself is the best option to remain motivated and reduce the chances of writer’s block. The reward does not have to be big or expensive; it can be just a bar of chocolate or your favorite show. It is just to be motivated and work with efficiency without losing focus.


Till now, you must have had some idea of writer’s block. This write-up has enough information about the same. It has the factors that cause and the remedies to solve this problem. If this happens to you and none of the solutions works, seek dissertation help from the professionals available.