Learn How To Boost Your Pharmaceutical Marketing Efforts with MR Reporting Software


MR reporting software has become a popular and unavoidable tool for pharma companies all over the world. Choosing MR reporting software, especially in Pharma Sales Force Automation will help companies derive instant information from both mobile and web platforms. The functionality and overall performance of the medical reps can be uplifted by utilizing the seamless features of MR reporting software. By using it, companies can gain a competitive edge in the pharmaceutical market and achieve success in the long run.

When there is a lot of clarity about MR Reporting, it automatically ensures the smooth functioning of the organization which therefore makes the daily activities of the employees more productive. Sometimes non-availability can become a nightmare however such kinds of problems can be avoided when you are aware of them beforehand. Pharma companies have much confusion associated when it comes to different kinds of software so let’s take a glance at the benefits of MR Reporting Software that can boost your marketing efforts.

  1. Live Location Tracking: Medical reps can keep a track of field reps’ recent distance with the advanced MR Reporting feature. Remember that it doesn’t ask for any private access, or track any location-based information from your devices at any time while downloading or using any kind of mobile apps
  2. Product Detailing – Many companies prefer doing e-detailing in Pharma sales force automation but still, a few also require mobile app product detailing that gives them insightful analytics and reports. This product detailing is done both online and offline where the analytics for those product details will be captured on master sync and gives you access to every data when you’re online.
  3. Cost-Efficient And Time-Saving: Pharma companies want control over their expenses, and that too when they are establishing their business in a highly competitive market. There is hardly any point in wasting money on something invaluable and not even productive. If you invest in efficient MR Reporting Software, it can indirectly help you cut down many unnecessary expenses and steer your money in much-needed directions.
  4. Hyperintelligent Dashboards, Reports, BI & Analytics: An MR Reporting Software is a powerful tool that can be used in Pharma Sales Force Automation to get access to hyper-intelligent dashboards which will offer real-time updates for managers, medical representatives, and their field activities and also provide extensive information.
  5. Daily Call Report Tracking: You might have a dedicated bunch of field force managers but how will you track their performance and activities? Well, the best solution lies in having a GPS tracker along with the right MR Reporting Software. A Pharma salesforce Automation Software will help your business keep a track of the daily calls made and check the locations where the reps have traveled. This will give you complete monitoring access to their performance thereby making operations more efficient.

If you have a pharma company then installing MR Reporting software is added advantage in the competitive market as it will save you a lot of time and your business steer its direction towards more complex problems of the business.