Insane SEO Marketing Methods That Entrepreneurs Should Know About


Photo by Jenny Ueberberg

Every day, Google processes 3.5 billion searches. In fact, a search query accounts for 40% of all website traffic. This is why SEO is so crucial. On the search engine results page, SEO marketing methods help you to stay ahead of your competitors. When your website ranks top in search engine queries, it will become more visible to internet users, resulting in increased traffic and conversions. Because at least 75% of searchers don’t go past the first page, it’s critical that your website appears on the first page of search results. Are you convinced that SEO is crucial for your website? To learn more about SEO marketing tactics that you should be aware of, read this article.

Photo by Jenny Ueberberg

  • Use long-tail keywords

Being able to use appropriate keywords is one of the most critical aspects of a successful SEO plan. You must be able to target the appropriate keywords that your target clients search for in order to rank effectively on the search results page. To get the most out of these keywords, include them in your content, meta-descriptions, and page names. However, keywords alone will not provide you with the greatest results. You’ll need to concentrate on long-tail keywords that are relevant. 

According to Local SEO Search Inc., long-tail keywords are a set of keywords that are lengthier and more specialized and are used by Internet users when they are that close to making a purchase. It usually consists of three or more phrases, such as Newmarket tree service. Avail their SEO service packages; so that when visitors search for particular keywords like these, you can tell exactly what they’re looking for, as opposed to single phrases like a florist.

To be able to target these long-tail keywords accurately you will have to perform a keyword search using reputable websites. Once you identify these keywords, integrate them into your website’s content strategically. The use of keywords may seem basic and common but if you invest in good keywords for your website, the results you’ll get are insane.  

  • Making your website load faster

Site speed is one of the most important ranking elements, especially for mobile users. The fact that it focuses on a great user experience is why it’s so vital. A faster-loading webpage provides a better user experience, and users are more inclined to stay on it. The longer a user stays on a page, the lower the bounce rate and the more likely they are to convert. A good loading time for a website is roughly 3 to 4 seconds. Of course, it is dependent on the sort of website and business in which you operate. However, for most websites, this is the best time. If your website is loading more than this, it’s time to take a look at it.

  • Make your website user friendly

When judging site quality, search engines like Google take into account actual user experience. Make it simple to navigate across your site to make it more user-friendly. Allow consumers to easily navigate from one page to the next without having to go through 3 levels of deep searching. You should also make the content more digestible. Text-heavy pages should never be written. You must include videos and/or images in your article to break information apart into easily digestible pieces.

  • Use social media websites to grow your presence

Social media is one of the fastest-growing tools for SEO. Although social media does not directly contribute to your SEO strategies, it helps with visibility by increasing brand recognition and brand reputation. Social media helps drive traffic to your website because when you publish materials, photos, or videos that your target audience needs and wants, they’ll share and send these to their friends or followers. This way, you’re also generating backlinks. In case you’re wondering, backlinks are links from a website to another website. With these backlinks, it tells search engines that you’re website is trusted and reputable helping you rank higher in search results. 

  • Descriptive URLs

Make sure the URL of your website is simple to read and comprehend. It’s also crucial to incorporate keywords that are relevant to the content of your website. You can help search engines better comprehend what your website is about by having a descriptive URL. For example, if you believe a user will be looking for tree services in Alliston, create URLs that are easy to understand, like “”. URLs with random numbers, characters, or letters should be avoided. Simple URLs always provide the finest user experience by quickly letting them know what they’ll find on that page.

  • Always write for your clients

Put yourself in your client’s position. You’ve looked at a lot of websites but still can’t find the answer. Keep in mind that you’re more than a company. You take care of your customers. When it comes to crafting website content, less is always more. People nowadays are usually in a rush to get things done, therefore the faster they can get answers from your website, the better. Write content that isn’t more than 4 to 5 pages long. Remember who you’re writing for, change your tone, and include relevant keywords to help you rank higher in search results.

You may believe that these tactics are straightforward and unexceptional. Think again. Because the best gains are found in these small strategies. Are these insane SEO techniques that you should be aware of? Absolutely. SEO methods evolve at a rapid pace, and search engine algorithms do as well. You’ll be on your path to SEO success as long as you master these fundamental SEO techniques.