Reasons to Travel in a Private Jet with your Partner?


If you just got married, you might be feeling all kinds of emotions. It is certainly an overwhelming experience. Holding hands with the one you love, with a promise of forever, bringing your hearts together. But once the festivity fades away, you need to make sure that the romance doesn’t die off just right away. It is time for your honeymoon!

There is so much that you plan for a perfect honeymoon; from the right destination to the best and comfiest travel and from the best hotel to the most amazing routes. Everything has to be perfect. But wait. Won’t your honeymoon be boring if you have to travel with endless people on the plane? Sounds a little boring? The start of your honeymoon should be as incredible as everything else and this is where hiring a private jet company will help you a lot.

But how can your romantic trip set off wonderfully with a private jet? Here are some reasons that will boost you to book one for yourself.

  1. Relax and Unwind:

Weddings can be very tiring and they make you feel exhausted. And traveling can simply add to it. Yes, honeymoons are exciting but you don’t want to be in a plane full of people, feeling anxious and tired. Thus, while traveling in a private jet, you and your partner get some time to unwind and relax. You can just rest up a bit and even set off to sleep for sometime. Or you can simply have some me time, without any interruption.

  1. Display of Affection:

You cannot display your affection while being on a plane with dozens of other people. Nobody wants to see that either and many people simply complain about it to the crew. And being newly married, you want to show your affection to your spouse in all ways possible. With a private jet, you can be affectionate and romantic with your partner, while being in the midst of the clouds. Isn’t that romantic?

  1. Flexible:

Private jets won’t demand you to be there at least 3 hours before taking off. You can simply make it there 5 minutes before the set time, and take off. Also, if you are taking off right from your reception, you can get late easily. This is where a private jet comes with all types of flexibility. There is no stress about being late and you can simply reach there on time or even 5 minutes late and there won’t be much to panic about.

  1. Very Memorable Experience:

A private jet makes your honeymoon experience very memorable and unique. It is a gesture that many do not think about. It adds a touch of extreme love and affection and your partner will certainly love this effort. The personalised experience that you will enjoy in a private jet, is simply unbeatable. A bottle of champagne, box of chocolates, or maybe your favourite meals; you can add up anything to your experience and personalize it in all ways that you want to. What can be more memorable than this?


So are you planning your honeymoon? Then a private jet is certainly the right way to boost your experience and make your romantic vacation even more beautiful and lovable. You two will have the time of your life.

We highly recommend you to book a private jet for your honeymoon. It is a lifetime experience and you will always remember it.