How to Write in Italics in WhatsApp?


WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media networking apps. Researchers claim that there are more than two billion WhatsApp users globally. At first, WhatsApp was just a messaging app, but with time and advancements in technology, updating status, voice call, and video call options came into light. All these features make WhatsApp the most favorite user app.

Italics in WhatsApp

Things do not end here; there are several other features that WhatsApp hides within it. Well? Are you thinking of such features that you don’t know in WhatsApp? Of can there are, and I’m sure you won’t know them. Without increasing your curiosity, we are talking about the unique features that this communication app offers.

WhatsApp provides the user to format their text messages in a way they want. Here it means that there’s not a single style in which you can format your message. You can use either style in bold, italics, monospace, and strikethrough.

All these stylings are easy to format, and you don’t need any experts to do this for you. Here we’re going to tell you how to write in italics in WhatsApp. Let’s read on.

How to Format Text in Italics in WhatsApp?

If you’re an Android or iPhone user, you can write in italics in WhatsApp without any issue. You just have to follow some quick and easy steps, and your text will be styled in italics within a few minutes.

The prime purpose of writing in italics is to emphasize some point, make some part of your text prominent, and even use it just for styling.

Here are the quick steps to format text in italics in Android and iPhone users’ messaging apps.

  • Firstly, open WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone device.
  • Click on the chat where you want to text the message in italics.
  • Type your message.
  • Now, choose the part which you want to format.
  • If you’re an Android user, select and hold on the text you have typed. Proceed by select > more > and select italics.
  • If you’re an iPhone user, tap and hold the text, select > BIU >, and choose italics.
  • Soon after selecting the italics option, WhatsApp shows the preview text that displays how a text will look like when you send it. This step is just to ensure that you haven’t made any mistakes. In case you do, then you can correct it here.
  • Once you are satisfied with your message, click on the send button, and your message will get delivered.

Is There Any Other Way to Write in Italics in WhatsApp?

Yes, there is another quick way of styling your text message in italics. All you need to do is add an underscore symbol both at the beginning and at the end of the word, sentence, or even a paragraph that you want to send in italics.

Hopefully, you’ve understood how to style your text in WhatsApp. Do try it and make your other friends suspicious of how you do it.