JEA Loses Plant Vogtle Lawsuit, but Additional Legal Action Could be Coming


Jacksonville Electric Authority, normally known as JEA, has already lost the lawsuit against Plant Vogtle.  JEA was suing Plant Vogtle in a bid to get out of the contract the two had previously signed. This, the former claimed, is due to the fact that it would incur excessive running costs, some of which were not foreseen.

JEA further said that the costs would be charged with the electricity consumers, which was exploitative. In any case, the contract was not legal, given that the City Council had not approved it in the first place.

Nevertheless, there is still light for JEA. The judge who was on the case, Judge Mark Cohen, allowed the electricity company to pursue their claims. He allowed JEA to pursue the lawsuit on negligence by Plant Vogtle owners, Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia.

Moreover, the City Council and Jackson Electric Authority can together look into the contract, hence determining its legality.

Thus, good news for JEA ratepayers is on the way. The case that has been running since 2018 is about to come to an end.

Just wait and read; we will update you on how the juicy claim ends, step by step.