Learn How to Fight Back Against Loneliness and Social Isolation with Aging


Smartphones have made it possible for millions to stay connected. Sometimes modern technology is not enough because at times it’s not easy to stay connected. Your friend circle will start getting small with each passing day as you age. Friends breathe their last, family people will plan a life of their own, and people don’t always stay near you. You can face mobility disorders, ailments, and transportation problems forcing you to stay in one place.

If you’re looking for senior living in Bangalore, our retirement community at Vedaanta provides stress-free living during your golden years, letting you Take a break & unwind in the midst of nature. We at Vedaanta aspire for our seniors to have a new look at life as a new beginning towards a hassle-free life; in the care, love, and security of our expert team members. Several effects of loneliness can have major issues on the elderly, both mentally and physically. Below, we mention helpful ways by which seniors can combat loneliness and connect with others.

  1. Adopt the habit to listen – Listening is the best thing you can do for a person whom you care about. Loved ones feel cared for when you take some time out to listen to them. Make sure to engage your close ones through some sort of conversation, enquire about their day and motivate them to express more to show trustworthiness. 
  2. Come up with a plan – Apart from caring about your loved one’s interests, you can also come up with an ideal plan which can be followed every day. If your close ones like to listen to music, take them to some concerts or motivate them to join a singing club. To promote the idea of senior living in Bangalore, we have a dedicated team who offer 24/7 senior care and comfort to make sure your golden years are hassle-free.
  3. Kickstart a new hobby –  You can keep your brain active by learning something new every day. Taking some time out to develop a new hobby could help you achieve a positive outlook on life. Joining a music club, starting a reading circle, or being a part of the local community club for volunteer activities are ways the elderly can stay occupied and happy.
  4. Communicate to bridge the gap – Sometimes connecting emotionally can be difficult if you have an aging parent. You can stay up-to-date by connecting with younger relatives. Grandchildren will also benefit greatly by doing their part while engaging with older members. Even older adults can feel occupied in various family activities.
  5. Join a class – Motivate your loved one to be a part of a hobby class or join a seminar to connect with new people and spend time out of the house. They will receive helpful advice and unknown tips which can prove to be beneficial for their mindset in the long run. You can also check with your friends and family to see what kinds of events are happening in the city.

You can cultivate your passion, start something new and live the life you want with the best senior living in Bangalore. We make our seniors feel at ease by helping them enjoy an active independent lifestyle that will add value to their second innings. Our dedicated team of caregivers is always at your service for care and comfort in case of any emergency.