– This Illicit Massage Website Helped Florida Police Crack a Massive Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Ring


Rubmaps Helped Florida Police

Anti-heroes do not only exist within the four walls of fiction. They now exist in the real world too. Sometimes, anti-heroes exist in the form of human beings like you and me. Other times, they exist in the form of certain types of small scale or large-scale businesses. But in this case, the anti-hero exists as an illicit website that proved useful in the arrest of perpetrators of sex trafficking and prostitution. The Anti-hero of this story is none other than the peer-to-peer review website, Rubmaps.

So, what makes this website an anti-hero? For starters, the website –, is a place for massage parlor review. It’s the go-to site for reviews on massage parlors that gives an individual a sexual happy ending massage. In other words, most people that use the website do so to find massage parlors that provide more than massages.

There are certain criteria you should meet to access the reviews. One, you have to be 18 years or above. Two, you have to become a premium member. Premium membership costs $19.95 per month. You can secure a yearly subscription package for $149. What’s disturbing about this site is that even though you become a premium user, your privacy is not protected, and you could get busted for illegal sexual activities. As a result, people think that the Jupiter, Florida police department actually deploy this site for string operations.

Proof of this is the raid to the orchids of Asia day spa, a massage parlor. An individual who has visited the massage parlor told the tale of their erotic experiences on the site as reviews. The reviewers specifically gave enough incriminating details that pointed to individuals paying for sexual and erotic experiences. It led to the arrest of a major sex prostituting culprit, Hua Zhang, who is said to have lured other women into the prostitution game at massage parlors. Luckily, she wasn’t the only one that was arrested. Two other culprits were arrested – Ruimei Li, and Lixia Zhu. Another dignitary who partook or paid for sexual services at the orchids of Asia day spa include is Robert Kraft, the new owner of the Patriots football club. He was not caught based on hear-say but via the camera at the massage parlor.

All thanks to this illicit website that stores the database of registered users, it becomes easy for the police to track and arrest reviewers who took part in sex trafficking of any kind. With a lot of massage parlor listings on the site, the Florida police department can win the war against sex trafficking and prostitution.