The power of visual content in marketing strategy


When reading an article or a blog, which style do you find more engaging and entertaining? 

Do you like an article with too many sentences without any breaks that are just blurbs of boring words here and there?


Do you prefer sentences that are fun to read!

That is simple and spacious.

And have lots of emojis 🙂 :D!!!

Of course, the context of the article plays a significant role! 

Many people choose to read articles that have pictures in them or have few sentences and paragraphs. This preference comes from their lifestyle, which is fast-paced and relentless.

To cater to the demands of ever-changing audience interest – the marketing team keeps evolving with innovative ideas. Here are some valid reasons why visual content is so important.

Capturing attention

Whether you are sending a mass email to your potential clients or posting on a social media website, you need to be cautious about the content you choose to share. It should be informative as well as entertaining. 

Do you know? Over 65% of the world’s population are visual learners!

Of course, you will face immense competition from your peers. As you maintain authenticity in the content, the audience will remain glued to your product.

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Develops higher engagement

87% of the marketers swear to have experienced higher traffic to their website every time they’ve used a video as the marketing strategy. Visuals get more shares. Hence, increase the engagement rate with the online public.

You can experiment with different genres of video content creation like brand storytelling, product promotion, customer reviews, product demos, etc. Compared to images and text, the audience finds it easy to grasp information through a video.

Get Creative

Just googling ‘innovative ad campaigns’ exposes you to such a vast universe of creativity. Brands thrive on creative campaigns because it brings them enough attention (or even more) to generate leads or convert sales!

Do you remember how an HBO max intern sent a test email accidentally to all its subscribers? Or how LinkedIn created a ‘secret sauce’ image for their ebook! These are a few examples that give you enough idea about how to think out of the box to generate public attention.

Effective communication

They weren’t wrong when they said a picture speaks a thousand words. A carefully crafted image or a video helps an average person retain more information than text. The impact of an infographic is higher than any pie chart!

Instagram reels are always in trend because it is a concise content that doesn’t take more than 30 seconds! This time is enough to grab their interest and retain their curiosity.

Final thoughts

The compelling visual content is self-explanatory and doesn’t require additional efforts or translation to digest the content. And this is exactly what the audience needs!