Tips on Choosing the Best Wakeboard


Wakeboarding is a popular water sport, and to play it well, you’ll need a wakeboard. There are many different types of boards, but the specific one you should consider depends on your experience. Wakeboards can be split into three main categories by skill level: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. There are also three main types: Traditional, Soft Top, and Rope.

You should choose a traditional wakeboard and an appropriate board size for your height if you are a beginner. Suppose you already have some experience in wakeboarding on one of the intermediate categories boards. You may want to try something new (and bigger) – so consider a soft-top or rope board. Tips on choosing the best wakeboard include:

1. Check The Label

Many boards contain labels with the skill level and size of the rider that this board was designed for. Boards fall into three skill levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can look at a label and match it to your skill set to see if the board is appropriate for you. If you are looking for a new board, it is worth asking the Wakeboard store staff if they can help you decide which skill level is right for you or search online for the correct dimensions of the board.

2. Match-Up Sizes

You need to know what size to choose when choosing a wakeboard. Some wakeboards are too small for someone who wants to start wakeboarding, and some boards are too large for beginners. This compromises wake size and decrease the amount of control that you have. It would be best if you weren’t thinking about going bigger until you have become familiar with your current board regarding what it can do and how far you will be able to ride it.

3. Pay Attention To Your Wakeboard Bindings

If the bindings on your board are worn, old, or uncomfortable, this will deteriorate your experience as a wakeboarder. This can put extra pressure on some parts of your body, making it uncomfortable, and stops you from enjoying the sport. In addition to this, your bindings need to fit so that you can ride comfortably.

4. Know Your Style

Some people enjoy wakeboarding more than others. There are certain styles of riding that will suit some riders and not others. There is not just one way to ride a wakeboard, but there are several different ways and different types of riding for each style. These riding styles are dependent on the shape of your wakeboard.

5. Rock On Or Off

Rock refers to the amount of bend visible on a wakeboard profile and is narrowed down into two types; continuous and three-stage. These two types of rock differ in the shape of the board’s spine. Most people use continuous rock as it is easier to ride with a smooth curve from tip to tail. In comparison, the three-stage rock creates an aggressive lift of the wake owing to its two distinct bends.

6. Find The Fin

There are various fins used for wakeboards. Some are called thrusters, some are hidden, and others sit out of the water. Wakeboard fins have multiple sizes (1 – 10), which reflects the size of the fin. Smaller fins create a faster ride, dumpier wake, and more control over your board and require less input from the rider. In contrast, larger fins create slower rides and bigger wakes and require more input from the rider while offering less control.

7. Investigate The Shape

The shape and design of a wakeboard affect the way it rides. Find the most comfortable board for you to ride and has the best characteristics for your riding style. Testing different boards will help you choose the one that feels like a second skin, makes you feel alive, and allows you to maintain good control over your board.

8. Try Before You Buy

If possible, try a board before you buy it. It would be best to be comfortable with your wakeboard and feel like you can control it. This is especially important for beginners who want to make sure that they can ride the board before taking it home.

In essence, the best way to choose the right wakeboard is to research the available options before deciding on the board you want. You can also ask a professional, who knows about wakeboarding, to advise you.