Why Are Gel Blasters Better Than Paint Ball


In recent years, there has been a new trend in competitive shooting sports, and it’s giving paintball a run for its money. Even though they were invented more than ten years ago, gel blasters are leading today’s competitive shooting world.

Gel blasters are similar to paintball guns in that both fire projectile ammunition, can be used in competitive team sports, and are most popular among young adults. However, gel blasters prove to be the superior technology time and time again. Their design is more modern than that of paintball guns, which is why many in Brisbane are choosing gel blasters over their outdated rival.

If you’d like some details as to how gel blasters trump paintball guns, here’s a few we’ve put together.

Gel Blasters Hurt Your Wallet Less

Ammunition is expensive, and expenses add up when you’re having fun. The average paintball player uses around 200 rounds during an hour of play. This means after clocking in some solid hours, they’re burning through thousands of paintballs and hundreds of bucks, which might force them to play more conservatively.

Price is way less of an issue with gel blasters. While paintballs generally cost around $50 for a 2000 count deal, gel blaster ammo, or gellets, only go for about $10 for 10,000. Fully assembled gel blasters are also a fraction of what it costs to put a paintball gun together.

Gel Blasters Hurt You Less

Paintballs are actually made up of a compound called polyethylene glycol, not paint. Gellets are highly absorbent beads and are composed almost completely of water. Due to the difference in material, gellets are far smaller and lighter than paintballs. They cause less pain and bruising when they make contact with your body.

While you won’t wake up as sore as you would after a game of paintball, this doesn’t mean gel blasters are completely harm-free. Proper gear, like vests and goggles, should always be worn, and safety measures should be followed.

Less Clean Up

Though they are designed to be biodegradable, paintballs still leave their mark. The food dye that gives paintballs their color can be difficult to remove from clothes and can last in the environment for weeks until it fully biodegrades. This means you can only play paintball on designated fields.

Gel blasters require no clean-up. When gellets hit their target, the water inside naturally disperses while the biodegradable gel polymer completely disintegrates. Take your gel blasters to an open field or a friend’s backyard without worrying about leaving a mess of dead paintballs behind.

Gel Blasters Run On Battery

Paintball guns rely on CO2, which can cause difficulties. CO2 tanks are often leaky and randomly run out during games. They can also get stuck to the gun when a refill is needed. Just like ammunition, CO2 can be another waste of time and money for the player.

Gel blasters run on rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to purchase a new battery after every use. Using external chargers also means your gel blaster is rechargeable even when you’re on the field, making it extra portable.

Gel Blasters Are License-free

In Queensland, owning a paintball gun is as difficult as owning a real weapon. You need a license just to use one, and you’ll also need a permit if you’re thinking of owning one. Acquiring these documents can be time-consuming, and there are legal consequences if you’re caught using a paintball gun without them.

Gel blasters are very popular in Queensland because it is the only state in Australia that still allows gel blasters to be owned without a permit or license. They are readily available for purchase along with any extra gear and modifications you may need.

Try One Today

If you haven’t yet made up your mind on why gel blasters are superior to paintball, the next step would be to go out and try for yourself. There are many shops as well as reliable online retailers to help you on your way to purchasing your first gel blaster. You definitely won’t regret it