Top 10 Cool and Exciting ways how to use a VPN


We all know that Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a great way to protect your privacy and security when you’re on the internet. VPN allows you to access content that might not otherwise be accessible due to censorship or region-based blocking. But for these features, you don’t always have to purchase a premium VPN. With a free VPN, you can still get these advantages. In addition, there are other things a VPN can do. Let’s check the top 10 cool and exciting ways how to use a VPN.

1. Access to a blocked website

VPN gives access to blocked websites of your region, especially in social media and streaming sites. You may want to watch any series or movie which is not available in your area. With VPN, you can easily watch the content. 

2. Protect your identity

Many people use VPN for this reason. You can easily hide your identity with a VPN. It helps to protect your personal information in open networks like WiFi in hotels or cafes. In this way, you can secure all your data and use the internet without any tension.

3. Playing online games

Many online games now use a geo-blocking system so that you can play games within a specific region. But sometimes, it is hard to find enough players within a particular region. In this situation, you can use VPN to connect with another region’s server. You can get a free VPN for Windows with which you can enjoy your gaming in different regions.

4. For online shopping

Suppose you are traveling in a country, but you want something to order online for your home. You can use VPN to access the website from your country. In this way, you can order your product.

5. Anonymous commenting

You can share your opinion on a specific matter that you cannot do from your current place. Because VPN hides your real IP so that no one can find your actual position.

6. Speedup your internet

VPN boosts your internet speed connection. You may not get enough speed on specific sites because of throttling by ISP. But with a VPN, you will get enough speeds on those sites.

7. Save Money

You want to travel to another country, but the airline and hotel price is too high? Try with a VPN and see the magic. It will help you to find the best deal at the lowest price.

8. Unlimited Download

You can use VPN for unlimited download from a specific site. Many file storage websites have a limited download quota for a specific IP. You can penetrate the limit with a VPN.

9. Avoid ISP tracking

Many ISPs track their customers’ online movement. To avoid this tracking, you can use a VPN to manipulate your online activity records.

10. Secure VoIP Calls

Without a secured connection, your VoIP call can be intercepted. To resist this situation, you can use VPN for VoIP calls. 

These are the top 10 cool and exciting ways how to use a VPN. A VPN can become your best partner in securing your online presence.