Digital Privacy and Innovative Apps You Should Try in 2021


The app market is very dynamic, with dozens of new apps released every day. Over the last couple of years, the market has become so huge that you can get lost browsing through various apps. If you want to use convenient apps or apps that enhance your privacy, you have plenty of options.

But the majority of these apps are not innovative. They don’t align with current privacy concerns or often convenient solutions to our modern problems. To help you out, we’ve rounded up six types of apps to help you achieve ultimate privacy and convenience.

Secure private vaults

Your phone has a ton of your private data, including images and videos. If it falls into the wrong hands, you risk all of your data becoming public. Imagine having something that keeps your pictures, videos, and other files safe on your phone? The innovative apps that can help you do it are secure private vaults.

Secure private vaults offer multiple layers of protection. You can set them to encrypt whatever file you want. To access the files, you need to enter both a password and PIN. These apps are very light, and you won’t experience any decrease in performance and load times.

Password managers

Did you know that most people have approximately 70 passwords? That’s a lot of passwords to remember. That’s why users make the worst mistake of using the same and easy-to-remember passwords for their accounts. Imagine what happens if someone manages to guess their passwords? They will have instant access to all their accounts, including banking.

The imperative is to use strong passwords. Strong passwords should contain at least eight characters and have small and capital letters, numbers, and special symbols. Remembering them can be tricky, though. This is the moment when password managers can truly shine. They will help you generate powerful passwords and keep them safely stored for you.

Encrypted syncing

If you find yourself often copying files from your smartphone to your PC or laptop or vice versa, you can do it more conveniently and safely. The apps you are looking for are productivity apps such as Syncthing, FolderSync, and many others. They are created to enable encrypted syncing between two devices.

Modern phones take high-quality photos and videos, which take a lot of storage. You may find it necessary to transfer them from your phone to a computer.

The syncing app creates a new connection between your computer and smartphone and encrypts it. You can use it to safely transfer files, knowing that even if someone manages to steal your data, it will be unusable to them.

Private browsing

Every time you use a browser on your phone, the marketing agencies will hunt your data, track your location, and store your online behavior. It can be seen as a massive violation of your privacy. Luckily, you can make it much harder for them to track you or even see you online.

There are two types of apps that you can use. First, there are browsers other than mainstream Chrome. Programs like Brave typically include more security mechanisms and help users avoid unnecessary tracking (like browser fingerprinting). Second, you can use a VPN app every time you go online to mask your identity, hide your location, and browse the internet knowing that you are out of harm’s way.

Private communications

Communication apps are among the most popular apps on both Play Store and App Store. However, when talking to someone online, you can never be too cautious. You never know who is listening. Fortunately for you, some apps ship out with the encrypted chat feature. The best thing about them is that they are entirely free to use.

Some of the oldest apps in this category, such as Viber and WhatsApp, have recently added encrypted messaging features. The latest and innovative app in the category is Signal which also features encrypted messaging and end-to-end encryption to keep your entire communication scrambled.

To-Do lists

To-Do lists are not brand-new apps on the market. However, there are some innovative solutions that you should try if you find to-do apps quite useful. The innovative features range from color-coded sticky notes and one-off to-dos to reminders and to-do list sharing.

These are great if you want to organize your days better and never forget to complete all tasks you have for the day. The newer features will also enable you to give specific due dates to some tasks, so you never lose track of them.

These are the app categories that often receive new additions and updates. If you value your online privacy and anonymity, convenience, you should regularly check what’s new in these categories. After all, installing, testing, and uninstalling apps on smartphones is very easy and fast. Feel free to do it until you make your personal app stack.