Ways to clean your ears and remove ear wax safely


Many people struggle to remove earwax because sometimes it gets very stubborn. Some specialists opine that massaging can prove to be very useful in case of removing earwax. All you need to do is massage the earlobe behind your ears to loosen out the wax. However, you must consult a doctor before attempting to undertake any ear wax removal strategy. Ear wax is an essential part of the defense mechanism in your body. Thus you must be careful about it as it plays a vital role.

How to get rid of ear wax?

Before you go to sleep, all you need to do is fill a dropper with slightly warm olive oil and put three to four drops into your ear that is affected. Often the fluid goes down into it and will make your wax soft. Then you should use a cotton ball plug and insert it into your ear. It would help if you used a cotton wool plug because it will not stain your pillow. However, you must be very careful because utilizing any eyedroppercotton swab into your ears might prove detrimental for your drum or ear canal.

How effective is hydrogen peroxide to remove ear wax?

You may even use a dropper filled with few drops of hydrogen peroxide that is slightly warmer than your body temperature. After tilting your head or lying down, you can insert this hydrogen peroxide into your ear. You can put few drops till you feel full. After waiting for a few minutes, you can go to a washbasin to drain it out. After this, you can gently put some drizzle of warm water with the help of a syringe and then tilt your head to allow the water to run out. It will help to drain out the yellow wax without giving any trouble to your drums.

Avoid fatty foods to reduce ear wax

Some specialists believe that overconsumption of animal foods such as dairy products or meat can prompt your body to manufacture more wax. Therefore you should minimize your intake of foods containing hydrogenated fats or any processed food.

However, these are some home remedies that you may try out to remove ear wax, but you must be very careful when dealing with your ears because these are very sensitive, and any damage can lead to hearing loss.

Thus instead of being experimental, you should go to a doctor for proper cleanup of ear wax. You must regularly undertake cleaning your wax to ensure that you do not face any ear infection that might become severe and even lead to hearing loss.

Some people use cotton swabs to clean wax, which is a very wrong strategy because you might hurt your drums and become deaf permanently; thus, do not undertake any such procedure without expert supervision. The prolonged buildup of earwax might also lead to different kinds of ear allergies. You can even visit an earwax removal for professional cleaning of your wax.