Which is the right surgery to enhance your bust for breastfeeding?


Many women get worried about the fact that if they go for breast implants, then they might face problems with breastfeeding. However, breastfeeding depends on the original state of your breast before the surgery takes place. It is very typical for the breasts to change shape and size during pregnancy and after breastfeeding. The breast implant will bring a change in this size and the appearance of the breast. There is a correlation between breastfeeding and breast enhancement plastic surgeryStudies reveal that if you go for breast implants, it will not affect your breastfeeding procedure.

Types of bust enlargement surgeries for breastfeeding mothers

  • Filler implants: if you go for breastfeeding your child 8 to 10 times per day, it can help you keep your body’s biological processes in a balance.You may go for silicone fillers to improve the shape and size of your breast. The fillers could be either saline or silicone, depending on your personal preference. Many women prefer saline implants because if there is a rupture, it gets absorbed by the body.
  • Restructuring breast shape: it is the process of opening your breasts to produce more milk. You can also use breast pumps or manually expression of milk after feeding to increase milk production. You can either opt forround or teardrop shape breast implants. If you are providing, then you must consultyour surgeon before opting for it.
  • Placement of breast implants: certain natural herbs can play a positive role in increasing your body’s milk production. These ingredients include fenugreek, fennel, milk thistle, etc. Thus, it would help if you discussed with your surgeon regarding the implant placement so that it does not affect your production of milk. Alternately you can use natural herbs to supplement milk production.
  • Will the baby latch after surgery: To ensure that your baby gets the most out of feeding, you will have to ensure that a proper latching occurs. To ensure this, you will have to see that most of your breast fits into the child’s mouth. After the surgery, you must consult your doctor when you can start feeding your child.   You may also take the help of readily available lactation consultants. They will observe your feeding technique and give feedback on your baby’s lactation and position.
  • Use formula as a supplement: if you are suffering from a reduced amount of milk production due to surgery, you may consult apediatrician and start formula. You will have to look at the various signs to determine whether your baby is getting enough milk. Your baby must obtain the appropriate amount of milk that will help in the child’s proper growth and development.

Hence, in conclusion, it may be said that breastfeeding and breast implant are very much related to each other.

It will help if you get the doctor’s advice before you go for breast enhancement surgeries. In some cases, these surgeries might affect breastfeeding procedures so for this you may take the help of aspecialist.