Why is the Ford Fiesta a British favourite?


The results are in and it’s official, the UK’sbest-selling car of the year is…the Ford Fiesta, again.

That’s right, for the umpteenth time, the humbleFord Fiesta finds itself as the most popular car in the country. The American compact hatch is more or less aninstitution on British roads these days, but why do we Brits love it so much?

Here are five reasons the Fiesta is now considered one of our own.

A perennial best seller

In a down year for planet earth as a whole and more specifically the automotive industry, the Ford Fiesta managed just short of 50,000 sales to take the 2020 best seller title. A measly figure in comparison to normal years, as the Fiesta has enjoyed anywhere from76,400-131,400 new registrations per year in the UK since the turn of the millennium.

The Fiesta’s insistence on being right at the top of the sales charts each and every year has allowed it to become more or less a household staple, making it virtually the first name you think of any time someone mentions an everyday car.

Always affordable

Those hefty sales figures are in part down to the Fiesta’s constantly affordable positioning in the market. With new prices starting from just over £15,000 and low running costs post-purchase, the financial accessibility of the Fiesta has made it one of the dominant names in the market.

With many buyers out there looking for a cheap first car, budget family car, viable finance option or even something affordable and realistic on bad credit, the Fiesta ticks the most important car buying box of them all – cost.

Jack of all trades

It would be an insult to describe the Fiesta as cheap and cheerful, even if it might be both those things. In reality, the Fiesta has long been a loyalall rounder for UK drivers, offering reliability, efficiency, driveability and great features across the years that outstrip its price tag and consistently best its competitors.

It truly is a jack of all trades option, which naturally makes it of great appeal to a vast number of British drivers.

Ever evolving

The Ford Fiesta has been performing that everymanrole in the car market since 1976, meaning the newest edition we drive today is 45 years in the making. That sort of pedigree and consistency, however, doesn’t come by resting on your laurels. Instead, Ford has had to work hard to constantly evolve the Fiesta bloodline in order to keep it fresh and relevant with UK drivers.

That evolution through the years has seen the Fiesta come to incorporate the latest driver technologies, go through countless design overhauls and branch out into other areas of the market – such as the hot hatch segment with the racy FiestaST family. As we’ve seen with many highly popular but short-lived models through the years, it’s no mean feat to achieve the evergreen popularity the Fiesta has.

Compact, reliable, practical, efficient, affordable and always a bit of fun to drive, the Ford Fiesta entertains every superlative that the typical UK driver looks for in their car. It’s no wonder then, after all these years, that it remains not only a best seller, but a firm favourite on our roads.