World’s Richest Man Faces Congress for the First Time


Jeff Bezos is currently the richest man in the world, being the owner and CEO of the most popular online marketplace, Amazon. He has never been to the congress, but late July 2020, he actually had to make it his first, having to testify before the congress.

Jeff was questioned among his fellow online giants, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook. They are the founders of Alphabet’s GOOG, Facebook and Apple, respectively.

The 4 Online Emperors

But why did they face congress? The congress was accusing them of unfair competition, suppressing all the other major competitors so as to reign their respective grounds. They bought off competitor companies after making them look like they were on the losing side.

The social media platform was ideal for spreading rumors and lies, Facebook on the front line they claimed. All these were the allegations the congress had against these tycoons.

Jeff was the first on the platform, and he was ready for questioning.

Benzos on the Defense

Onto the questioning, he was first accused of suppressing competition by buying out the companies. was quoted in this regard. Then there was a clip on a book company that was formerly on Amazon, then removed without reason.

When he denied these accusations, saying that he always played fair, the congress pressed him with more questions. Actually, Congresswoman Kay McBath said that she feared this could be a trend. This could be a way that Bezos uses to eliminate competition.

Then there was the question of Amazon virtual assistant, Alexa, by Representative Jaime Raskin (D-MD). They asked whether she was trained to favor Amazon products.He refused but added that it usually happened once in a while. There was no harm in that; he finished off.

Jeff continued to deny most accusations, claiming that he had never used third party names to market his company.

Parting Shot

When Jeff Bezos was through, he finished by introducing himself, acknowledging that he was raised of a single-mum, who gave birth to him while still a minor. He appreciated the business platform that America provides both for the locals and the immigrants.