Tips to Optimize Your Instagram


Looking for a better follower number, or a higher level of interactions? You’ve come to the right place!

When talking about followers, we can’t really forget the word “optimization”, The thing is, not so many accounts out there are optimized well enough. And as a result, they always get a poor level of interactions, indicated by the low impressions the content gets.

Yes, there are so many ways to obtain Instagram followers free, and account optimization is one of them. Here are some of the tips to optimize your Instagram account:

Tips to Optimize Your Instagram

1. Learn Instagram SEO

Have you created various Instagram content but still don’t get the desired results? Maybe you haven’t optimized Instagram content yet.

This strategy is carried out so that your Instagram content can reach a wider target audience according to the appropriate interests and topics. You can start doing the Instagram SEO strategy by looking for keywords that are often used by the audience, the more the number of searches in a certain period of time, it is the indicator that the topic is liked by many people.

Then you can continue by creating Instagram content with relevant topics so that your content will get the attention of other Instagram users. So besides using the followers app, you can always get new followers if your content is interesting enough.

To make Instagram content easy to find, you can use these keywords in the caption column or video and photo titles to help the Instagram algorithm raise your content to the right audience.

2. Invite Others to Make Videos Together

When you open the Instagram reels column, of course, you will find a variety of interesting videos, one of which is video content taken with many people.

In addition to making videos appear more lively, viewers will also be curious about videos that invite many people at the same time, so inviting many people to appear in video reels will help increase the audience’s attention.

For Instagram brand creators who want to create Instagram reel content, inviting lots of people to appear together can be a great idea, so you can introduce your team. On the other hand, Instagram reels also have various kinds of Instagram trends and challenges that can be used by many people at once.

For example, a simple dance challenge that is easy to imitate so can be practiced in a short time. In addition, you also ask your colleagues about topics relevant to the work being done.

These interactions will give viewers views about the company you run, so they are interested in following your account to get a variety of interesting content.

You can also invite your co-workers to play certain games which can be done briefly and invite laughter, considering that Instagram reels have short video durations, so you need to make good use of them.

And since people will be interested to see your content, the level of engagement can also increase. However, to further enhance the positive effects, you can also use Insta followers Pro, which works best for this situation.


Optimizing an Instagram account won’t take really long. But, the consistency must remain. You have to be consistent with the optimization schedule. And to achieve better results, you can also utilize some of the tools that might be beneficial, such as the follower apps, for example.